Our Board has a deeply personal commitment to serve the Latino community. We lead the Mexican-American Vintner's Association with a unified vision of a nation where Latinos thrive and the American dream is possible for all.



“We are not just in the vineyards anymore,

We’re a force to be reckoned with.”

- Hugo Maldonado, Owner Maldonado Family Vineyards



Guillermo Herrera, MAVA President

Guillermo Herrera grew up working in the vineyards alongside his mother and family. His life-long experiences in vineyard cultivation peaks with his company Heritage Vineyard Management —the preeminent viticultural management company in The Napa Valley. Encouraged by his wife, family, and friends, and his dedication to excellence, he began his winery Herencia Del Valle in 2007, turning out a series of wines that have garnered substantial critical acclaim from the wine industry, including Wine Enthusiast, The Tasting Panel, and Wine Lovers worldwide. 

Ignacio Delgadillo Cellars Mexican American Vintners Association Napa Valley

Ignacio Delgadillo, MAVA Vice President

Ignacio Delgadillo Jr. partnered with his father (pictured left) in 2001 to craft high end Cabernet Sauvignon through from the family’s small estate vineyard in northwestern Napa Valley. What makes the Delgadillo Cellars Cabernets uniquely special is their degree of aging prior to release. All of the Delgadillo wines spend a minimum of three years in oak barrels and another three years in bottle before they are made available to the public. When the father-son team released their first cases in 2009, it had been in the cellar for nearly a decade. Delgadillo Cellars wines are an authentic family affair, deeply rooted in thirty years of Napa Valley wine grape growing.


Gloria Bazán, MAVA Treasurer

Gloria Bazán was born in Michoacán, Mexico and is a graduate of Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo. In 2005 Gloria married her husband Mario and began her new career in the wine business just as harvest began for the inaugural 2005 vintage of Mario Bazán Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. All these years later, her favorite moments are sharing the generous beauty of the family estate where a traditional meal from her and Mario’s native Mexico can be enjoyed overlooking the vineyard. Gloria is also pursuing a degree in Viticulture at Napa Valley College and is intimately involved in all facets of the winemaking. 

nereida elena jose wine caves napa valley mexican american vintners association.jpg

Nere Elena, MAVA Secretary

Nere Elena works passionately for the North Bay Regional Center, assisting persons with intellectual disabilities — and their families —  in identifying and developing services and programs within their communities that help them lead more independent lives. Nere received her B.A. in Psychology and is the first person in her immediate family to obtain a college degree. As a college graduate, Nere aims to give back and help others gain access to medical and educational assistance. She is the daughter of Alfonso Elena (pictured left), the winemaker and owner of Jose Wine Caves.


Miriam Puentes, MAVA Member-At-Large

Miriam Puentes was born in Mexico City in 1978 to young parents from Guanajuato, Honorio Ramirez Mata and Esther Ramirez Otero.  At age 2, her parents decided to make the journey to California in pursuit of a better life. Miriam grew up witnessing first-hand her parent's dedication and passion working in the vineyards. Today, she is the first person in her immediate family to receive a college a degree — a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. Miriam and her husband Juan created their wine label Honrama Cellars in 2011 as a tribute to her father's dream of one day owning his own winery. Today, their family legacy lives strong at Honrama Cellars.